Letters not sent. Sari: "A Few Nights Of Romance"

Heli Künnapas


Romantic short novel "Letters not sent" follows the story of Miia. She lives in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and manages a small dance school while raising two kids with her husband. Unexpectedly, Miia finds out that she has inherited half a house in a small village called Pärnu - Jaagupi. The house is left to her by the grandmother of her previous best friends Simon. She and Simon fell apart 15 years ago and haven't talked since. How do these news change Miia's life? What kind of memories and feelings resurface at the old house? How is the presence altered when the unsent letters from the past reach the recipient now?
"Letters not sent" is the third short novel in the series "A Few Nights of Romance" by Estonian writer Heli Künnapas, but the first one to be published in English. All the novels are readable separately.

Kirjastaja Heli Kirjastus OÜ
Ilmumisaasta 2018
Keel Inglise
Kategooria Ilukirjandus

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Heli Künnapas